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Jerome Ware

Audiobook Narrator / Voiceover Artist

#Sincere #Reassuring #Positive

Jerome’s calming and familiar voice helps generate a depth of emotion and understanding for the audience. You might feel it’s like listening to your favorite teacher, best friend, or dad. Audiences relate to the sincerity in his voice and feel reassured. The positive attitude in Jerome’s delivery provides a stable base for the listener to truly absorb the message. His calming style makes it easier for listeners to be engaged and fully take in your book or content.

Narration Services

  • Audiobooks
  • E-Learning
  • Corporate/Government
  • Explainer Videos
  • Internet Webinars
  • Telephony/IVR
  • and more…

Audiobook Demos

Fiction (Military/Combat with Dialogue)

How will a former gang member (managing lingering issues with authority) adapt to being in the marines, and surviving combat in the Pacific Rim during WW2?

Fiction (Gay Romance with M/F Dialogue)

Jim, suffering after a rough breakup and an unfortunate mishap at baggage claim, tries to keep it together at his cousins wedding in Cancun. What happens when a mysterious stranger catches his eye?

Non-Fiction (The Psychology of Great Presentations)

How can you use key psychology understandings about how people think, learn, and decide to create presentations that inform, inspire, and motivate your audience?

Non-Fiction (Photography and Mindfulness)

What do the Taoist ideas of the mind and creative photography have in common? Can these two distinct ideas come together to help you see the world in a deeper, more universal way?

Non-Fiction (Visual Communication)

When we were children, most of us loved to draw and doodle. How did we lose our ability/interest in drawing and why is so important to embrace the "Doodle" as an adult?

About Jerome

Jerome is an African-American Voiceover Artist that specializes in Audiobooks. His first foray into the entertainment industry came in college, when he served as a grip for a public access talk show. After college, while trying to climb the corporate ladder, he kept his passion alive by occasionally working as a production assistant or set photographer for a few movies. However, it wasn't until he was introduced to audiobook narration that he truly hit his stride. Narrating audiobooks allows him to combine his love of entertainment with his enthusiasm for business and technology. Becoming a narrator has allowed Jerome to move from behind the scenes and to finally have his voice heard.

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Misfit Leadership Audiobook cover Misfit Leadership

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Various Advantages of Membership Websites

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Songs In the Key of Love

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Myths and Legends Around the World (Collection 13)

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Become A Champion

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Slave Narratives: a Folk History of Slavery in the United States From Interviews with Former Slaves

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Myths and Legends Around the World (Collection 16)

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Myths and Legends Around the World (Collection 15)

News & Updates

Visit my blog to find updates on what I’m currently working on, amazing tales from the life of an audiobook narrator/VO artist.

California Travel Adventures: Joshua Tree National Park

A National Park and A National Treasure   Travel tips For Everyone Do you love nature? Do you love gorgeous nature photos? Have you ever considered traveling to the Joshua Tree National Park? Then you need to see what all the fuss is about and why attendance...

Songs In the Key of Love

  An Honest and Open Story About Life and Love   Introduction: Why This Book Was Important to Me As a black audio book narrator, it's important for me to help shine light on stories that might otherwise not be heard. Kevin has put into words the pain and...

Inspired, Not Retired

Inspiring Ideas on Leadership From A Decorated African American Soldier   Introduction: Why This Book Was Important to Me As an African-American audiobook narrator, being able to be the voice of Dr. Randolph’s “Inspired, Not Retired” meant a lot to me. As one who...

Inspiring Words


The tongue can paint, what the eyes cannot see.

- Chinese Proverb


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