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Inspiring Ideas on Leadership From A Decorated African American Soldier


Introduction: Why This Book Was Important to Me

As an African-American audiobook narrator, being able to be the voice of Dr. Randolph’s “Inspired, Not Retired” meant a lot to me. As one who is always striving to improve myself, reading his work was both empowering and enlightening. It is said that the African-American community is lacking in mentors for its youth. In a way, books are a way of providing mentorship and guidance from a distance. It was my pleasure to be a part of Dr. Randolph’s efforts to provide wisdom and mentorship to all those who seek it.

The Importance of Leadership

Leadership is one of the most valuable skillsets a person can have. It is a skill that some say cannot be taught. They say it must be learned through experience. If this were truly the case, the world would have ran out of leaders long ago. Dr. Randolph integrates scholarly research on leadership with his personal experiences, military training, and wisdom passed down from his father. His life story flies in the face of those who say leadership can’t be taught. It is through his honesty and sincerity that the listener is entertained, educated, and mentored.

In order to become a leader, it is important for individuals to understand their own leadership style. While I am not a young man, and have learned how to be a leader myself through school, work, reading, and mentors – “Inspired, Not Retired” was a chance for me to examine my own leadership abilities and style. Juxtaposing Dr. Randolph’s experiences with my own, examining his key points, and honestly answering the questions he proposed – provided me the opportunity to see some of the gaps in my abilities and understand how I might address them. For that, I am appreciative. I hope others who listen to this amazing audiobook will come away with a similar experience.

The Importance of Father Figures

After becoming a father myself, I realized how leadership is truly a holistic, and all-encompassing process. While I wanted to be a great leader to succeed in business, it was when my daughters were born that I finally understood what true leadership was. Dr. Randolph understands how important family is to one’s leadership style and ability.

Too many times, we hear about the lack of fathers in the black community. Dr. Randolph (as was I) was blessed to have a father who served as a great example of leadership and attempts to pass that gift along to the listener. While a book cannot truly replace the love and mentorship of a father, history has shown reading to be a great channel for learning, mentorship, and wisdom.

Important Lessons About Life and Leadership

Too often, we don’t take the time to reflect on our personal experiences to examine the outcome and potential lessons. In “Inspired, Not Retired,” Dr. Randolph outlines methods and techniques to help the listener look at their own life, their own experiences, and extract the wisdom that life is trying to impart.

Whether it is a set of targeted questions, or a list of maxims, Dr. Randolph helps the listener help themself. He uses his own experiences as examples and templates to guide the listener in this process.

Why You Should Listen to This Book

There are only two reasons to ever read a book (or in this case listen to an audiobook). To be entertained, or to learn something. By sharing heartfelt stories of both his successes and his failures, Dr. Randolph provides both. Many leadership books attempt to bludgeon the reader with scholarly insights and case studies. Inspired, Not Retired takes a more holistic approach that incorporates, story, emotion, and reflection to connect the listener to the lesson in a more genuine way.

Conclusion & Call to Action: To All of You Who are Ready to Lead the Next Generation

In this book, we learn about the life of a black man from humble beginnings who went on to became a modern military hero, an academic, and a business leader. Too often in the African-American community are our examples based solely in the sports and entertainment arenas. By his example, perhaps some listeners will find a sort of virtual mentorship. Perhaps they too will be inspired, and use the wisdom provided in this book to ascend to new heights.

I would like to urge you all to listen to this book as it will teach you lessons on how you can be the best leader you can be. Inspired, Not Retired is available on AMAZON.COM as an audiobook, e-book, and as a print book.

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